Industrial clean rooms are an important part of any industrial sites. If you haven’t had one set up or you haven’t worked to have the internal wiring established, then you risk having contaminations and risk worker health. But luckily, with our help, we can fix that for you.

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Our Services

-Clean Room Inspection

Clean rooms are tricky when it comes to inspections. First, we have to swab and ensure there are no lingering bacteria in the system, because if there is, then it’s clear there is a problem. From there we inspect the sensors, hoses, and systems to ensure that everything is and can be put into working order.

-Clean Room Repair

Next, we find the flaws in the system and get to work. If it’s as simple as the hoses, fuses, and systems, then we can swap them out with no time at all and get your clean room back up and running in no time.

-Clean Room Replacement

But if the damage is too extensive or you are simply installing a clean room for a new expansion in your building, we can help with that too. We can install and replace clean rooms with ease, simply call us today for a quote on our services.


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